Minki’s Forum for Modern Cultural Heritage (MCH)

I am Korean. I am interested in heritage and how people perceive their own heritage. In Uses of Heritage (2006), Laurajane Smith argued that heritage is a discursive and social practice framed by particular heritage discourses, some of which are more politically powerful than others. Similar to this, Modern Cultural Heritage [1](MHC) in South Korea is framed differently by different generations so MHC could be viewed variously depending on social perspectives. This is particularly interesting to me because various generations evoke distinct reactions from MCH. I believe that MHC could provide an intellectual foundation for exploring the nuances and tensions that exist as different people in different contexts perceive such sites.

Source: Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

As an MA student on the International Cultural Heritage Management (ICHM) course at Durham University, I’m exploring the emotive heritage surrounding MHC in South Korea. I would like to introduce my newly made website, Emotional Korean Heritage: https://minksunghertiage.com/. This website deals with MCH in South Korea. I explore this through four representative examples: Gyeongung Yangijae, Changgyeonggung Grand Greenhouse, the Former National Assembly Building, and the Former Seoul Supreme Court Building. It also links to my personal blog where I talk about different aspects of life in Korea.

Source: Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I hope that anyone who is passionate about emotive heritage visits and I encourage you to share your interest and ideas. I hope this website can provide a platform for us to interact with each other. For Koreans who come to visit my website through my personal blog, I write on a blog to advertise my website and build up our knowledge of MCH together. Plus, other recommended websites regarding cultural heritage are included in this section to explore the breadth of cultural heritage.

Best wishes,

Minki Sung

Emotive Korean Heritage ( https://minksunghertiage.com/ )

30 April 2021

Source: Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

[1] Modern Cultural heritage (MHC) refers to cultural assets from 1876. They play an important role in establishing the authenticity and identity of Seoul as they contain traces of Seoul’s modernisation process. Despite their historical importance, most are not recognised as cultural assets because they are regarded as an unwanted legacy of Japanese colonial rule

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