Final thoughts about Modern Cultural Heritage

As an MA student on the ICHM course at Durham University. I’m exploring the emotive heritage surrounding Modern Cultural Heritage (MHC) in South Korea. This is particularly interesting to me because different generations perceive MCH differently. I have chosen four specific sites because they represent what I believe to be the best examples of MHC because these sites are iconic examples of MHC in each period. I have discovered that whilst these sites elicit strong reactions from Koreans, they do not evoke the same reaction from Western, specifically UK, perspectives. For example, the reactions to the Grand Greenhouse could make me reconsider the nationalist viewpoint which I have grown up with and can see that it is not a simple as black-and-white issue but nuanced. Whilst I do not agree, I am trying to present a balanced account of this complicated heritage and I would like to encourage readers to share their opinions. I hope that the result will be an opening up of a dialogue that will make this difficult heritage more widely known to younger generations who are interested in cultural heritage because they are both young professionals and the future.

Source: Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash (

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