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The beauty of heritage will stand the test of time.

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The Story of Cultural Heritage in Korea

Minki’s Forum for Modern Cultural Heritage (MCH)

I am Korean. I am interested in heritage and how people perceive their own heritage. In Uses of Heritage (2006), Laurajane Smith argued that heritage is a discursive and social practice framed by particular heritage discourses, some of which are more politically powerful than others. Similar to this, Modern Cultural Heritage [1](MHC) in South Korea…

Final thoughts about Modern Cultural Heritage

As an MA student on the ICHM course at Durham University. I’m exploring the emotive heritage surrounding Modern Cultural Heritage (MHC) in South Korea. This is particularly interesting to me because different generations perceive MCH differently. I have chosen four specific sites because they represent what I believe to be the best examples of MHC…

Minki’s Journal Forum

Relationship between Public Amenities and Housing Prices in Seoul: Public Amenities that Residents Prefer Abstract Studies on housing have shown that public amenities improve the quality of life and satisfaction of residents. This fact backs the South Korean government’s efforts to promote public facilities in the form of basic educational and cultural amenities that affect…

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Changdeokgung Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site, 1977)

Photographed by the author (2019)

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